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Book no.1

Other Completed Works (Samples Available Upon Request) 

Spec Script of Existing Show
Sample Available Upon Request


Ep. 203.5 "Intervention" 

Looking to clear his name, a reckless former FBI agent, turned vigilante, hunts the killer responsible for recent cult murders only to become the hunted.


Exploring the themes of intervention and guilt, this spec takes place between episode 203 and 204 of Season Two.

Spec Script of Existing Show
Sample Available Upon Request


"Paper Airplanes" 

OFFICER BEN SHERMAN, a P2 with a savior complex sits next to a bruised boy who cries silently, JOSÉ (8, Hispanic). Unsure at first, Ben draws him closer, allowing José’s grief to wash through him. 


As Ben fights against breaking down, we...




And an ANONYMOUS VOICE says... "Cops, more so than civilians, must learn to accept what they cannot change. To recognize when the need for retribution has been denied. Today, Officer Sherman will face this head on..."

Exploring Ben's savior complex, this spec script delves into his psyche.


Spec Script of Existing Show
Sample Available Upon Request

When a teen girl is found with peculiar abilities, the FRINGE team discovers an undercover government program aimed at making super soldiers by combining human DNA with ants.


Headed by a past associate of Walter Bishop, Walter and Olivia, who was once an orphan, must think two steps ahead in order save the girl and stop the project before other missing runaway teens become part of the experiment. 

HONORS: Admission into the 2012 The Guy Hanks
and Marvin Miller Writing program held at USC
Spec Script of Existing Show
Sample Available Upon Request


Ep. 517.5 "Jersey Boys" 

A reimagining of the Jersey Devil American lore, this spec script brings our Winchester boys to New Jersey where the phrase "all in the family" is given new meaning when they come across a boy desperate to know what happened to his "blood brother," a good friend that has gone missing.


All the while, Sam and Dean are at odds. Dean, resigned to the idea that he's going to die, wants to take it easy and enjoy what's left of his life while Sam is bent on finding a solution.

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